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The goal of marketing communication is to help customers learn what they need to know to make a decision: to make them smart enough to buy your product.

When that product is a high-tech gizmo, the problem can be considerable. The gadget may be new and unfamiliar, its unique features less than obvious, the benefits it affords obscure.

Then, too, the product is a lot more than the thing-in-the-box. It includes a lot of stuff you can't stamp with a serial number: intangibles that differentiate your offering from all the others.

We think about things like that when we do videos about high-tech products and the companies that make them.

And we think, too, about the people our customers want to be their customers.

For one of our customers, Hewlett-Packard, we asked some of those people to tell us what they think about personal computers. They did just that.
Man on the Street
Hewlett-Packard Co.

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