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Bravura Films is probably best known for its merciless skewering of both the zealous hypesters and the equally passionate deprecators of the World Wide Web.

As hired guns for high-tech luminaries, Bob Kalsey and his posse of jesters have lampooned buffoons of every stripe. Techno-utopian optimists and fear-mongering Luddites are equal-opportunity targets of our zingers.

From the distant days of puffery about the impending birth of the "information superhighway" to the premature burial-by-disintermediation of "the world as we know it," we have spoken our mind in imagery and song.

Journey back with us, then, through a brief history of the World Wide Web -- as seen through the satirical videos of Bravura Films...


Media Mania
Microsoft Corporation

By which Bill Gates addressed the "superhighway" and the dilemma of digital convergence

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State of the Art
Microsoft Corporation

"Bill Gates: Stand Up Comic" screamed the Chronicle headline re: our knock on the Web of Wealth

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Microsoft Corporation

Telcos or the Cable Guy: who will win the bandwidth battle?

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Browsers on Broadway
Microsoft Corporation

A musical spectacular of greed, larceny, acronyms, and love among the geeks

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Start-Up Guy
Accel Partners

Blowing up the bubble with the next next thing

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Day of the Longtail
Computer History Museum

Disintermediation ... whatever that means

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